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Tall stones


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Artificial rocks:



Hand made lightweight GRP (glass reinforced plastic or plaster) rocks that have a hollow underside.   These long lasting and very realistic creations are suitable for display use and landscaping, especially where access is difficult and weight restrictions apply.   Ideal for green roofs.

Artificial boulders:



Just the same as the artificial rocks but with a sealed underside so the boulder is a boulder which ever way it’s turned.   These were originally made for film use and starred alongside James Bond.

Artificial tall stones:



As the name suggests, these are rocks made in a tall narrow shape.   The tall stones can also be adapted for use as a trickle water feature.

Above: rock E2 in slate/rust

900 x 650 x 400

£ 99.95 + vat and delivery

Weighs around 9Kg

Artificial rock hire:



A number of artificial rocks are now available for hire.   Call for more details on fake rock and Japanese garden hire.

Right: Westmorland stone


Artificial Yorkstone, limestone and Westmorland stone:



Click on the image for more information.

Yorkstone garden

or water-worn limestone.


More like this here.


Above: artificial pebbles made from recycled polyethylene.

Small limestone boulders

Below: Westmorland stone

Illuminated rocks.

Download a pdf here

Artificial rocks all styles.pdf
Illuminated rocks
Artificial pebbles

York stone

Superlightweight limestone rocks