Artificial rocks




Tall stones


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Rounded rocks:



Would you like some plant containers to go with your rocks?  There are around two hundred different types of planters at:

Set of seven rocks £ 435.95 + vat and delivery.

The lightweight artificial rounded rocks, water-worn rocks or river rocks are made from GRP (glassfibre) and are hollow underneath.   These can be turned around to appear as different shapes.   Available in a range of colours.



R1 L 520 x W 760 x H 660

R2 L 630 x W 660 x H 360

R3 L 750 x W 530 x H 230

R4 L 450 x W 510 x H 250

R5 L 410 x W 390 x H 220

R6 L 360 x W 310 x H 155

R7 L 310 x W 260 x H 150


Smooth rounded rocks

Right: smooth rounded stones. More images here