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Artificial polished pebbles:




Artificial pebbles are made from recycled polyethylene and are around half the weight of a similar volume of real pebbles.   As they are man-made there are advantages of consistency of colour and supply.


Three colours are available: white, grey and black. The white and grey pebbles have the appearance of veins running through them and the black pebbles have white flecks.


Eight 3Kg packs will fully cover 1 square metre and five 3Kg packs will lightly cover the same area if spread over a suitable material, for example black pebbles on a black surface.


Minimum order 10 x 3Kg packs @ £21.36 each

= £213.60 + vat and delivery.

Translucent beach cobbles 90mm x 60mm x 40mm.  Minimum order 100 cobbles @ £3.70 = £370.00 + vat and delivery.  Hover pointer over the image for a larger version.